My name is Elena.  I'm a mom, an attorney, and a business owner, with two kids, 40 employees, 1 cat named Kuzma and a husband.  The day never seems long enough.  When I come home after work, my brain is fried and I have no energy to spend quality time on everything that matters to me: my family, my life goals, my health. I researched the best healthy energy drinks, natural energy supplements, low sugar energy drinks, and energy foods for many years, but everything out there looks scary, tastes gross, and certainly is not healthy.

Then I thought...


Delicious.  Natural.  Beautiful. Healthy.  With calm energy that moms need to help the world go around. No jitters.  No health damage from artificial stuff that's in regular energy drinks. For those days when we feel low energy.

I teamed up with the top professionals in the tea and medical industry and created MommyGO to bring a healthy, natural energy of the highest-grade Japanese matcha to moms. MommyGO has delicious flavors of coconut and lavender, rose and almond, and ginger, lemon, and honey.


MommyGO has partnered up with Healthy Sunrise Foundation in making the world a better place! HealthySunrise Foundation is a non profit organization focused on improving the lives of pregnant women and children locally and globally.  

Dina Patel is the Co-Founder of MommyGO and HealthySunrise Foundation. As a practicing pediatric nurse practitioner Dina realized the benefits of MommyGO for medical professionals and the parents of children that need extra care and attention. She believes MommyGO is an amazing all natural product that will help increase energy and clarity for professionals working in high stress situations as well as parents who may need a little extra boost to help care for their loved ones.  

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MommyGO and HSF in the media