elena and jett


My name is Elena and I am an attorney, entrepreneur, wife, and a mother of two boys and one cat named Kuzma.  For years, I struggled to find a balance between my career and family life.  After a long day at work, I would return home and my kids would want to play with me, but my brain would be completely fried.  I looked for an energy boost but all the products out there looked scary and tasted disgusting. 

I felt so guilty for being unable to be there for them, I left my career and spent two wonderful years as a mom, making life-long memories exploring the world with my family.  The above photo is me with my youngest son on a carousel in Paris.  

After returning home, I started a small business with my childhood friend and it unexpectedly blew up. Suddenly, I became very busy again.  Again, I searched for a natural energy product but again came up short.  That's when I decided to create it myself and others like me.  I collaborated with a company that develops beverages for many major brands.  And I sourced the highest quality matcha green tea from the leading tea experts to create a formula that is powerful, but natural and healthy.

What is the money for?

Because MommyGO has zero artificial preservatives, we faced a dilemma: produce thousands of bottles of natural energy shots and take months to sell them while their power slowly fades away.  Or, essentially pre-sell them via Indiegogo to people who need the energy boost and produce and distribute it all at once, while it's fresh, bristling with antioxidants, and at the peak of its calming energy power.  

The money will go directly to co-packer in Tampa, FL which will order all ingredients and supplies, mix MommyGO and bottle it.  I will be there in person, to make sure the quality what it should be!