If you don't ask, the answer is no

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Husband: What’s wrong?

Wife: Nothing.

Husband: (Shrugs)

Wife: (Rolls eyes, Googles divorce lawyers).


Employee Thinking: (I did a great job for the last 10 years, I should’ve been given a raise)

Employer Thinking: (He never complains and works hard, what a great guy. We’re so lucky to have him!)

Friends: How are you doing?

Single mom: I’m doing fine.

Single Mom Thinking: (I’m so exhausted, haven’t slept in weeks and can barely feed my kids, I wish I could get some help!!!)


Teenager Thinking: (I wish my mom spent more time with me)

Same Teenager saying: Ugh. I just wanna be left alone.


Little Kid Thinking: (I want a hug from my mom)

Little Kid Saying: Mom, hug me.


When we are young kids, we say exactly what we want or need. And we get exactly that. The older we get, the less likely we are to express ourselves clearly.

Make it a habit to explicitly ask for whatever it is you need. You’ll be surprised by how far you can get by just asking. It will literally save and make you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, build and improve relationships, improve your mental health and happiness, even keep you alive and healthy.

So, go ahead. Ask.

Ask that girl out for a date.

Ask for that raise at work.

Elena Ledoux