Intermittent Fasting + MommyGO

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A couple of months ago I’ve seen that a friend of mine who is a personal trainer to celebrities posted on her FaceBook that she took MommyGO shot when she was hungry and it fueled her to keep going without unhealthy snacking. I started doing the same and it allowed me to lose a lot of weight quickly.

I finally figured out the math. ðŸ•º

1) 1 lbs of weight = 3,500 calories. 
2) To reduce calories, I skipped one meal per day (usually lunch or breakfast) and snacking on sweets. That's 1,000 calories. 
3) To stay sane and not be a werewolf, I drank Mommy GO instead of the skipped meal (20 calories).
4) 7 days of saving 1,000 calories per day = 7,000 calories or 2 lbs.
5) 5 weeks of losing 2 lbs per week = 10 lbs weight loss. ðŸ˜Š

The word seems to be out as a lot of women now use MommyGO as an aid for an intermittent fasting.

Elena Ledoux