5 Ways to Improve Busy Mom's Work-Life Balance


Moms are great at almost everything: taking care of kid-monkeys, cooking delicious meals from macaroni, pumping out 10,000 reports at work, finding socks, and making everything OK.  The only thing moms are not so great at is balancing all this craziness in just the right proportion.  Here are our favorite 5 ways to find that balance:

  1. Put the family life and personal growth activities on your calendar as you do with all your important events.  Normally, all urgent things in our life tend to squeeze out the truly important things.  To make sure it doesn't happen, proactively claim space on your schedule for what matters the most.

  2. Automate!  Every possible thing in your life should be automated.  From bill payments, to messages from clients, to the way your family shops for groceries or travels.  Develop systems and stick to them - systems save a ton of time.  Whenever a big disaster happens that sucks up a lot of time and effort - do not despair and instead analyze what steps could prevent it from happening again. Automate them!

  3. Let go of control.  Some of your friends or family could be better than you are at soul-nourishing activities.  When they ask about an event or propose something fun, just let it go and say yes.  Of course, it maybe inconvenient (for work), or costly (to your budget), but this is the stuff you will remember as a little old grandma - not your budget or work performance.  Let the fun people do the fun things. And join them!

  4. Get rid of clutter. Clutter takes away a huge amount of time that doesn't contribute to anything good in your life.  Get rid of it as soon as possible. This includes clutter in your mailbox, your home, and your life in general. The simpler and more streamlined things are - the more time you will free up.  Also, you don't have to do it in one giant sweep.  Just do it every day, systematically. And you will notice the difference very soon.

  5. Multi-task.  Combine activities such as laundry folding with podcast listening.  Or documentary watching with kids' bonding time.  Cooking a fancy dinner with romantic time with your spouse.  You will effectively double your time and be that much happier as a result.  (Yes, you will have to sacrifice some mindless soap operas or too complicated recipes, but it's a small price to pay!)


Elena Ledoux