10 Signs You Are Too Tired to MOM.

We think 100% of moms are tired at least some time during the day. (We are talking real-life moms, not Instagram-perfect, organic chia - virgin goat milk-sipping fantasy moms).  A little bit of exhaustion just comes with the motherhood territory.  But what are the signs that you really should take a break?

  1. Donuts and cupcake become 200% more appealing and pretty much irresistible. 
  2. Your kids start asking you to do stuff they are not normally allowed to do. (They know!)
  3. A pile of unfolded laundry becomes taller than your shortest family member.
  4. You are rocking no-makeup, yoga pants + tenty top look for ALL of your meetings.
  5. You no longer feel guilty when your kids are on their iPads for over 2 hours.
  6. Insurance commercials make you cry.
  7. Your kids smell like old socks and monkeys.
  8. Your mom, husband, best friend, and even a random sweet old lady at the grocery store asked if they can watch your kids for a day.
  9.  You asked what day it is. Three times before 4 pm.
  10.  The sweetest members of your family try to push the hair off your forehead  and cover you with your favorite fuzzy blanket.  

If you recognize yourself in these signs, you maybe suffering from mom-xhaustion and need an immediate break. 

Elena Ledoux